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So Storm Ciara & Storm Dennis hit our shores early 2020 & then Storm Jorge decided to pitch in and join the party... Our country was bruised and battered and several households and business were badly damaged. I popped down to Laytown beach to witness some crashing waves and crazy skies.


The country was just starting to recover from these storms and then the real storm hit.... not a meterological one... but one in the shape of a Virus....Coronavirus.


Covid19 - an infectious disease caused by a new virus, is a respiratory illness (like a flu). So we all thought - 'hey it's just a flu, what's the big deal ?' And we just carried on....

Each week passed and suddenly it wasn't just in China anymore. It was on the move. Now it had arrived in Italy and was starting to take hold. It had gotten scarier. It was spreading and it wouldn't be long before we had our first case here. Was this real? It was like something from a movie.

Schools closed, work from home became the norm and social distancing was the new phrase .... Life was about to change

A Sunday morning at the beach - and even the fishermen were staying apart as per the guidelines


Today is 31st March 2020 - definitely the longest month in history! - and we are now into week 3 of self-isolation, and week 1 of even further restrictions 

- stay at home policy, only essential businesses open, only leave home for food or medical supplies, 2km radius for outdoor activities, cocooning for over 70's..... and so on.

We all miss our families and friends and it's a big ask of us all..... but by sticking to the guidelines - WASH YOUR HANDS !!! and self isolating this will be over sooner rather than later. Take the time at home to catch up on a few box sets. Or clean out those cupboards you always said you would do if only you had the time. Paint that shed......

And take the time to remember and appreciate the hard work all our healthcare workers are doing. And all those on the frontline. While we are lucky to be able to stay indoors, they are the ones out in the public. Risking themselves to save lives and keep the economy going. We have the easy job - we just have to stay at home to do our part.

I know I for one am looking forward to seeing my family soon. Even the mundane arguments over nothing are missed ! And soon it will be time to get out and experience these scenes again





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Seal Magnolia comes to Laytown Seal Pic 7 - 16:9Seal Pic 7 - 16:9 I was on the beach on Sunday ... decided to go down for about an hour to get out of the house for a bit after all the storms and bad weather. Several people approached me and said that there was a baby seal over at the railway bridge at back of the car park. So I headed over and sure enough there she was soaking up the sun.

Seal Pic 2 - 5:4Seal Pic 2 - 5:4

She was very relaxed and inquisitive and seemed used to people. If anything she was loving the attention. I only had a 24mm prime lens with me... so I sat beside her. She was happy for me to do that and she just chilled out while I ran off a few shots. 


Seal Pic 5 - SquareSeal Pic 5 - Square Seal Pic 4 - 5:4Seal Pic 4 - 5:4

Apparently her name is Magnolia. She was rescued in August 2019 by Seal Rescue Ireland at approx 2 months old. At the time she was underweight, dehydrated and had a very swollen face. After some time in ICU, she was then in kennels where she was monitored, administered medication and rehabilitated under the expert care of Seal Rescue Ireland. Here she learnt the necessary competitive skills needed to survive in the wild. Once she had gained weight and developed swim muscles and fitness she was then ready to return to the ocean.

Seal Rescue Ireland tagged and released her in December 2019 at Gyles Quay/Carlingford in North Louth. They had been contacted Sunday and checked her and said she’s perfectly healthy. I reckon she had enough of Louth and jumped borders to us here in Meath!!!

I stayed sitting with her for about an hour and to be fair anyone coming up to see her was very respectful and kept their distance. None of us touched her. And when you see the razor teeth when she yawns you def wouldn’t!!!

Seal Pic 3 - SquareSeal Pic 3 - Square

But she was friendly and totally relaxed with people coming and going! Her behaviour was good and was in the 'happy banana pose' - head and tail in the air - which is a sign she is feeling good, happy and just resting....

BON-Seal-Magnolia-Laytown- March 2020 - 5:4BON-Seal-Magnolia-Laytown- March 2020 - 5:4


She caused quite a stir here in Laytown and even made the newspaper headlines  - with some of my photos of her reaching the Irish Times & local Meath Chronicle this week.

So after a few hours rest, relaxation and some much needed sunbathing, Magnolia headed back out to sea. Where she's heading only she knows. Lets hope she comes back to visit us one day here in east Meath.... she is welcome back anytime 

Seal Pic 9 - Square - paintedSeal Pic 9 - Square - painted

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Howth Harbour & Pier BON-Boats-Howth-Pier - Dec 2019 - 16:9BON-Boats-Howth-Pier - Dec 2019 - 16:9 So 2019 was coming to an end and a new year and a new decade dawning. I hopped into the car and headed to Howth Pier on Sunday 29th December to hopefully get some images before year end. It was a cold and windy Sunday in North Dublin. As it was late afternoon the usual hustle and bustle was in place in this popular harbour. I lived in Sutton for 4 years from 1999 to 2003 and remember the usual Sunday crowds. Add Christmas holidays to the mix and it's even busier....So I actually was lucky to manage this shot of the fishing trawlers without too much interruption. Once done I decided to pack up and come back another day. 


So, Friday 3rd January 2020,  after checking the forecast and my trusty Clear Outside App the night before, I dragged myself out of bed and on the road to Howth by 7am. One of the few benefits of the cold winter months is the late sunrise !!! Roads were clear, pier carpark empty ....result. Only the sounds of the fishermen getting ready could be heard. I set myself up op on the steps and waited. It looked promising - sun was coming up behind the cliff and the colour was taking shape. And then I was getting in the zone and got this frame... Boom

BON-Howth-Pier - Fiery Red Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 3:2BON-Howth-Pier - Fiery Red Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 3:2

And it was fleeting moment as unfortunately there was not enough high cloud to catch light over the lighthouse. And so the light faded quickly. But I was happy to get even this one. Another photographer arrived to get few images in before settling off for a days work.

I managed to get few more I before heading back to car to warm up and look forward to some hot coffee and breakfast. Post-Christmas Diet starts soon !!!

BON-Howth-Lighthouse Soft Light - Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 10:8BON-Howth-Lighthouse Soft Light - Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 10:8

BON-Réalt-na-Mara-Howth-Harbour-Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 16:9BON-Réalt-na-Mara-Howth-Harbour-Sunrise - Dec 2019 - 16:9



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Nanny Cottage - Laytown, Co Meath This must be the most photographed cottage ..... and I must confess I am guilty of taking many, many photos of it... But it's hard not to photograph when it's on your doorstep and the changing late usually produces so many colours, not to mention the changing tides and waves. 

BON-Nanny-Cottage-Laytown - Dec 2018  - Laytown  - Pano 16:9BON-Nanny-Cottage-Laytown - Dec 2018 - Laytown - Pano 16:9Laytown Cottage Sunset 16:9


Summer has officially ended and autumn has arrived. While we have experienced a somewhat Indian summer here on there east coast of Ireland in the last few weeks, there has been a change in the last few days. Mornings and evenings are chillier and the dark evenings are closing in. At time of writing this blog on the last day of September, Met Éireann are warning us of Hurricane Lorenzo. A Yellow Status warning is in place for Thursday with winds and heavy rain predicted. Lets hope it will have lost most of its force before it hits our coastline !!


Situated on the east coast of Ireland in Co Meath and together with the neighbouring villages of Bettystown & Mornington, Laytown is approx 50 km north of Dublin. And is just over 11 km south of Drogheda. Laytown is a small village but has increased in population over the years due to its proximity to Dublin and has become part of the commuter belt.  Having moved to Laytown in January 2003, we have become one of the many 'blow-ins' to take up residency here. Since then we have walked this beach many a time. It is a dog walkers dream. 


With each changing season and Ireland's unpredictable climate, Laytown beach never fails to impress.From Sunrise to Sunset 


The thatch roof is undergoing a makeover at the moment
BON-Nanny-Cottage-Laytown - Laytown 9 - Sept 2019 - 16:9BON-Nanny-Cottage-Laytown - Laytown 9 - Sept 2019 - 16:9

So the next time you are looking for new destination to visit, take a trip and visit our beautiful beach here in East Meath. In the meantime I will still continue to document this through the camera lens.  And don't forget to check out my gallery & my Social Media pages for many more images and if you are interested in any please contact me 😉

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Sunset in Dun Laoghaire So it was Wednesday 18th September 2019 and we had just gotten the great news -  my eldest niece - Laura - had given birth to baby Alana - her first baby - and the first great-grandchild in our family. The next generation had begun and I was now a great aunt - although Laura tells me I was already a 'great aunt' !

It was already a beautiful day mid September, with a somewhat Indian Summer here in Ireland for the last few days. So I decided to take a trip to Dun Laoghaire, camera & tripod in hand and hoped for a nice sunset to celebrate the new arrival.

And I wasn't disappointed .....

I was greeted with some beautiful sunshine. The East Pier had come to life and there was plenty of hustle and bustle. Usually a popular spot for walkers, the Pier had a mix of fishermen, dog walkers, families and the odd photographer ! It was approx 18.30 when I got a lovely shot of the boat soaking up the rays of setting sun.


Sunset was due at 19.35 so I set off down to the lighthouse at the end of the East Pier. By this time several people were taking advantage of the good weather and were out walking & roller blading. While the signs looked good and there was a possibility of a decent sunset, I was not getting my hopes up. After all the last few evenings had been exactly what a photographer does NOT want.... blue Skys and no clouds

I did not expect the spectacular colour and display that was in store. 'Epic light' is a term which seems to be over used these days...... but this was indeed Epic Light. I think baby Alana ensured that on September 18th, there would be great light !!!


And it got even better.... 



And so the lights came on and it was time to pack up the gear and head back to the car.




But time for one more pic....

And then just like that it was all over....  

And so the sun set on Alana's first day in the world and if that light is anything to go by I think it will a bright future for her. Congrats Mammy Laura & Daddy Liam. Many years of happiness ahead.... See ye all this weekend.

And so with 10 more nieces & nephews waiting in the wings .... can't wait to see what sunset will be in store for your babys' first day...... 😉





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