RECONNECT is a photography book of some of the images I have taken from March 2020 to March 2021 - during lockdown  - from Julianstown, Laytown, Bettystown, Mornington and surrounding areas in East Meath.  I was searching for something to keep my mind active. Like many people my business had been impacted as I could no longer take family and portrait photos. Parties Christenings etc all gone. My main genre of photography is landscapes & seascapes so thankfully I was still able to get out and about in the locality and always took my camera when out for a walk. And how lucky are we here on east coast of the county. The beach in our backyard. So each day I got out and about and got some images. Below are a few of the images from approx 200 in the book.

BON-Stormy-Seas-High-Tide-Aleria-Beacon-Mornington - Feb 2021 - 8:10BON-Stormy-Seas-High-Tide-Aleria-Beacon-Mornington - Feb 2021 - 8:10   BON-Laytown-Beach-Walkers No1 - Oct 2020 - 8:10BON-Laytown-Beach-Walkers No1 - Oct 2020 - 8:10

Looking back at the photos in early January gave me the idea to compile some of these images into a book and document the event. It was too major of an event not to record it in some form. Life as we knew out had changed and it would be some time before normal service resumed. I wanted to focus on the positivity of how we all coped. The beach here had never seen so many of the locals visiting. We’ve always had visitors coming and going but now the locals had started to really appreciate what’s on their doorstep. From dog walkers to fishermen. And joggers and swimmers. It was lovely to see everyone going back to basics, back to nature. The book contains many of these seascape scenes in addition to other landscape ones. As Ireland is now hopefully starting to open up again I thought it was a good time to release this book as we all begin to reconnect again.

BON-Mornington-Sunset. - Oct 2020 - 12:8BON-Mornington-Sunset. - Oct 2020 - 12:8

There are also some feature pages of local businesses too. From those who have been shut down completely throughout lockdown to those who have remained open and bravely put themselves out there on the front line to keep our community going. I am grateful to them for participating in this venture with me and hope they receive the support they deserve. And for each business featured in this book there are many others. 'Shop local’ has never been more important than now !!!

BON-Laytown-Sunset-Blue-Orange - Nov 2020 - 3:2BON-Laytown-Sunset-Blue-Orange - Nov 2020 - 3:2

RECONNECT is now available to purchase - directly from myself by contacting me through my Website, Social Media - Facebook or Instagram - or by email - [email protected] or by phone - 086 1704549.

It is also available through some local businesses too. It is priced at €25.

All images in the book are also available for purchase as prints and framed prints.


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