The storm before the real storm !!!

March 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

BON-Storm-Dennis-Laytown Feb 2020 - 2:3BON-Storm-Dennis-Laytown Feb 2020 - 2:3

So Storm Ciara & Storm Dennis hit our shores early 2020 & then Storm Jorge decided to pitch in and join the party... Our country was bruised and battered and several households and business were badly damaged. I popped down to Laytown beach to witness some crashing waves and crazy skies.


The country was just starting to recover from these storms and then the real storm hit.... not a meterological one... but one in the shape of a Virus....Coronavirus.


Covid19 - an infectious disease caused by a new virus, is a respiratory illness (like a flu). So we all thought - 'hey it's just a flu, what's the big deal ?' And we just carried on....

Each week passed and suddenly it wasn't just in China anymore. It was on the move. Now it had arrived in Italy and was starting to take hold. It had gotten scarier. It was spreading and it wouldn't be long before we had our first case here. Was this real? It was like something from a movie.

Schools closed, work from home became the norm and social distancing was the new phrase .... Life was about to change

A Sunday morning at the beach - and even the fishermen were staying apart as per the guidelines

BON-Fisherman - March 2020 - SquareBON-Fisherman - March 2020 - Square

Today is 31st March 2020 - definitely the longest month in history! - and we are now into week 3 of self-isolation, and week 1 of even further restrictions 

- stay at home policy, only essential businesses open, only leave home for food or medical supplies, 2km radius for outdoor activities, cocooning for over 70's..... and so on.

We all miss our families and friends and it's a big ask of us all..... but by sticking to the guidelines - WASH YOUR HANDS !!! and self isolating this will be over sooner rather than later. Take the time at home to catch up on a few box sets. Or clean out those cupboards you always said you would do if only you had the time. Paint that shed......

And take the time to remember and appreciate the hard work all our healthcare workers are doing. And all those on the frontline. While we are lucky to be able to stay indoors, they are the ones out in the public. Risking themselves to save lives and keep the economy going. We have the easy job - we just have to stay at home to do our part.

I know I for one am looking forward to seeing my family soon. Even the mundane arguments over nothing are missed ! And soon it will be time to get out and experience these scenes again






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